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Dr. Kanjilal

Dear Everybody,

I have completed all my Board certification before and Recertification last year. People have done it and are doing it.
You can do the same by reading my books. You can enjoy your life.
It is not difficult but you have to take the initiative now.
Good luck and all the best.
Dr. Kanjilal

Dr. Kanjilal, - 06-02-’14 04:54
Dr. Kanjilal

Dear Everybody,

Do you know too much supplemental vitamins could be harmful if you eat healthy diet?
Do you know too much antioxidant can cause early lung cancer?
You feel great after you pass your examination.
You are humiliated by your families and friends once you fail because you did not study properly.
Please call me, I can help you to pass the examination.
Dr. Kanjilal
917 981 9419

Dr. Kanjilal, - 07-02-’14 05:00
Dr. Debasis Kanjilal


NRP/ILCOR are Violating Newborn Babies “Human Rights to Live” and “Destroying Peace of Babies and Parents”; NRP/ILCOR Recommendations Harming Newborns, Increasing NICU Admissions, Causing Economic Tsunami in USA and all over the World‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏‏.‏‏‏

Dear Sir,

I know you are very busy but nothing is more important than savings newborn babies brain.

Please read this e mail and save 12.8 millions children in this World every year (10% of the total 128 millions newborn babies ) who are deprived of oxygen for the first 10 minutes of their lives.
90% of all newborn babies are pink within 1 minute of life (Apgar 9).
Why remaining 10% will suffer from lack of oxygen in the delivery room.

Would you keep your Grandchild or any other family member blue in the delivery room when he or she needs oxygen?

The most unethical thing is that the parents are not aware that their blue babies are not getting oxygen.

All this nonsense started in Nov 2005 and should end NOW.

Researchers should “HELP” babies, not “HURTING” them.

I was able to change their dangerous recommendation for MAS (Meconium Aspiration Syndrome) babies on Oct 15, 2015. It took me long 10 months. I have all e mail documents of correspondence.

I need your HELP now.
Every seconds newborns are sufferings in this World.
I am not going to STOP until the blue babies get oxygen in the delivery room.
I wrote 22 Medical books in USA.
I attended over 30,000 deliveries in my 32 years of my career.
I was one of the Top 30 influential people in Time Magazine in 2001.

Albert Einstein

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.”

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”



Thanks for your time
Dr. Kanjilal
917 981 9419

Dr. Debasis Kanjilal, - 07-01-’16 16:15
Dr. Debasis Kanjilal

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Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo is an East Timorese Roman Catholic Bishop who received the 1996 Nobel Peace Prize, along with Jose Ramos-Horta, for “work towards a just and peacful solution to the conflict in East Timor.”

Dear Sir,

Dr. Ola Didrik Saugstad in Norway and Dr. Angela Kribs in Cologne Germany are one of the Best Researchers for Newborn babies resuscitation in this World.
Everybody follows Dr. Saugstad.
His research in Nov 2005 resulted in brain damages and deaths in newborn babies in Norway and all over the World.
Dr. Saugstad and Dr. Kribs recommended to keep the babies blue for 10 minutes in the delivery room. Dr. Kribs said “Doctors should not save lives in the delivery room. They should only watch the newborn babies sufferings from breathing and let them breathe on their own”.
In USA, Doctors representing NRP’s and rest of the World also joined with them.

I wrote an e mail to Dr. both Doctors. Dr. Ola Didrik Saugstad replied and denied his wrong doing. He was trying to defend himself. But he realized keeping newborn babies blue for 10 minutes is wrong. Dr. Kribs never replied because her statements are dangerous.

I need your HELP to serve justice for 12.8 million newborn babies every year (10% of the total 128 millions babies are born every year) in this World who suffered from
their dangerous recommendations.

Thanks for your time
Dr. Kanjilal
917 981 9419

Dear Sir,

Please read this e mail.
Please save newborn babies lives.
I wrote this e mail to President Obama and all the Presidents and Prime Ministers all the countries in this World.
I got some positive responses from USA, Hong Kong, Israel and Netherland Governments.
I need your HELP.
Dr. Kanjilal
917 981 9419

Dr. Debasis Kanjilal, - 07-01-’16 16:16
Dr. Debasis Kanjilal

NRP/ILCOR recommendations are harming newborn infants, raising Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) admissions, and increasing economic costs in the United States and all over the world.

From 2007 to 2012, NICU admissions steadily rose worldwide. In 2012 alone, in USA 58,000 additional babies were admitted in the NICU. It was estimated in 2013 that the average cost for each NICU baby is over $3000 per day. Please refer to the JAMA article for more details:

http://archpedi.jamanetwork.com/article... It may be that the development of transitional care areas within level III NICUs has led to more low- to moderate-risk newborns being admitted for short periods of observation only. Although they would be exposed to fewer interventions and invasive procedures than other NICU infants, this level of care may still be unnecessary, with the potential for negative effects. Spending unnecessary time in a NICU can contribute to family distress related to altered parental roles, higher costs, and the increased medicalization of a generally healthy birth

Due to NPR/ILCOR recommendations (Nov 28, 2005) , newborn babies are suffering from lack of oxygen and separation from their parents. This causes overwhelming stress for parents and family members, and leads to an environment that is less conducive for breastfeeding. In addition, the increase in NICU admissions is exponentially increasing healthcare costs for both acute and chronic care.

All of the above could and should be avoided by all means.

Study of Irish babies notes impact of even mild lack of oxygen at birth


Perinatal Asphyxia May Influence the Level of Beta-Amyloid (1-42) in Cerebrospinal Fluid: An Experimental Study on Newborn Pigs.
Oct, 2015 article from Norway
This is the first study to our knowledge that demonstrated a significant drop in AB42 in CSF after neonatal hypoxia. Whether or not this has an etiological basis for adult neurodegenerative disorders needs to be studied Is perinatal asphyxia causing adult neurodegenerative disorder?

Dr. Debasis Kanjilal, - 07-01-’16 16:17
Dr. Debasis Kanjilal

I am a practicing Neonatology attending, presently working at Elmhurst Hospital/Mount Sinai Medical Center. In my 32 years , I have treated over 30,000 babies and have authored 22 medical books. I put great effort in remaining current on best practices in my field and up to date on recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP)/ ILCOR (International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation). I am reaching out to you because I am extremely concerned due to current recommendations from the NRP/ILCOR, which have the potential to harm newborn babies and cause brain damage.

After much effort and persistence, I was successful in changing NRP’s/ILCOR’s recommendations for Meconium Aspiration Syndrome (MAS). Previously, their recommendations guided physicians to intubate and suction limp babies before giving any oxygen. Without providing oxygen, newborns could have irreversible brain injury. I had to send two strongly worded e-mails before I got any traction. On October 15th, 2015 NRP/ILCOR sent an urgent e-mail to physicians all over the world, notifying them that the MAS recommendation was changed to what I had recommended. The NRP/ILCOR never acknowledged to me that they had changed the recommendations based on my urging. My uphill battle with them took about 10 months to make them understand and to change their harmful recommendations and to save lives of newborn babies. I have all e mail documents. Our time is running out because newborn babies are suffering every seconds in this World.

I am currently trying to change few other recommendations that are causing harm to newborn babies but I am not getting anywhere, which is why I need your help. NRP/ILCOR currently states that doctors should wait first 10 minutes of life monitoring a baby with low oxygen saturation, before giving him or her oxygen. This means a baby is blue and has difficulty in breathing resulting in low oxygen saturation for 10 minutes before any oxygen is given. Imagine how you would feel if you were unable to breath and doctors stood around waiting for 10 minutes before giving you any oxygen, waiting to see if you could breath on your own first? This recommendation is causing babies to suffer and ultimately leading to permanent health issues in certain cases. My recommendation is to give oxygen to the babies immediately if they are blue to help stabilize them. Then, the oxygen can be removed as soon as normal oxygen levels are attained.
In addition to that NRP/ILCOR currently states that doctors should wait and evaluate for at least 30 seconds before begin the resuscitation even when a baby is blue, limp and not breathing at all. My recommendation is to begin resuscitation to the babies immediately.


1) Use Ambu bag with oxygen when newborn babies ( both full term and preterm) are not breathing at all, they are blue and limp immediately after birth. DO NOT USE Neo Puf at that time. It prolongs the suffering of newborn babies.

2) Use Neo puff with oxygen when babies start breathing on their own but still have difficulty in breathing .

3) Doctors should not be worried about pneumothorax from Ambu bag use if they use it judiciously

4) Doctors should be worried about brain damages from low oxygen delivery to the brain.

Please help bring light to these issues so that we could immediately change the recommendations to prevent anymore babies from suffering or getting brain damaged. These recommendations are being followed every single day all over the world. I have dedicated my life to advocating for newborns and being their voice. My voice is not being heard, which is why I am reaching out to you to help me in this fight.
Dr. Debasis Kanjilal, - 07-01-’16 16:18
Dr. Debasis Kanjilal

1) Recommendations are highly unethical because no consent is obtained and parents are not aware that their babies are blue and babies are not getting any oxygen

2) In 2006 same group of Doctors did unethical NIH studies not to give oxygen to newborn babies of young, poor, unemployed, African American mothers resulting in brain damages and deaths. This is the most heart breaking story of our life time. . Nobody took any action against these Doctors and Researchers who deliberately killed and caused brain damages to innocent babies. They are doing it again in a massive scale. About 90% babies are pink within 1 minute of life. About 10% of all newborn babies are born in the USA and the World need some help in the delivery room. About 2% of all babies have respiratory distress immediately after birth. About 1% babies need serious resuscitation that includes oxygen, bag and mask ventilation, intubation, epinephrine, umbilical venous lines and fluid boluses. About 2% of all babies need oxygen at birth. Total number of babies born in USA is 4 millions per year. Total number of babies born in the World is 128 millions per year In this World: a) 2 millions babies die in the 1st day of life. b) 3 millions babies die in the first 7 days of life In USA: 23,910 babies die before their first birthday
3) All Doctors I spoke to agree with me. They all said if the baby is blue they will give oxygen to make them better immediately.
4) They are violating ethics, human rights, and “Right to life of all newborn blue babies”
5) I can guarantee that all NRP/ILCOR Doctors children and grand children will get oxygen when they are blue.
6) They are purposely and deliberately withholding oxygen when they desperately need that. Oxygen that is the most essential element of our lives.

I got the only single opinion from thousands of Doctors, Nurses, general public ,mothers and fathers. Unanimously they all want oxygen for their own child if they are blue.
Dr. Debasis Kanjilal, - 07-01-’16 16:22
Dr. Debasis Kanjilal

JFK Baby Death in 1963 Sparked Medical Race to Save Preemies
Patrick Bouvier Kennedy, born premature, died after 39 hours of life on Aug. 7, 1963, three months before his father, President John F. Kennedy, was assassinated in Dallas.
Baby died due to lack of oxygen.

NIH study in 2006 violated ethics and Human rights in young, poor, unemployed, African American mothers and their preterm babies who did not get any oxygen after birth:

Dr. Debasis Kanjilal, - 07-01-’16 16:25
Dr. Debasis Kanjilal

Mothers pain and suffering because their newborn babies brain suffered from lack of oxygen after birth

CNN news:in August 2015, 52 newborn babies died in one hospital within 2 weeks due to lack of oxygen:

In 2014, Galway maternity hospital in Ireland: 2 babies died and 5 more injured due to lack of oxygen:

Dr. Debasis Kanjilal, - 07-01-’16 16:27
Dr. Debasis Kanjilal

In 2015, In South Africa, a 27 year old mother and her unborn child died due to lack of oxygen:

In 2013, JAMA revealed muticenter studies all over the World (USA,UK, Australia, Canada, many other countries):
In extreme preterm (23 to 27 weeks GA) babies followed up for 18 months, no significant difference between high (91 to 95%) vs low (85 to 89%) oxygen saturation
in outcome except higher deaths in low oxygen groups in USA; higher survival in high oxygen group in
UK and Australia.
Then it is better to maintain higher oxygen (91-95%) saturation to reduce the mortality and better outcome.

Dr. Debasis Kanjilal, - 07-01-’16 16:28
Dr. Debasis Kanjilal

n Norway between 1994 to 2008, 161 birth asphyxiated cases, 54 infants died and 107 survived, including 96 who suffered brain damage.

N Engl J Med. 2010 Feb 18;362(7):614-23. doi: 10.1056/NEJMsa0806033.
Newborn-care training and perinatal mortality in developing countries.
The rate of neonatal death in the 7 days after birth did not decrease after the introduction of Essential Newborn Care training of community-based birth attendants, although the rate of stillbirths was reduced.Subsequent training in the Neonatal Resuscitation Program did not significantly reduce the mortality rates. (ClinicalTrials.gov number, NCT00136708.)
2010 Massachusetts Medical Society

Dr. Debasis Kanjilal, - 07-01-’16 16:28
Dr. Debasis Kanjilal

Thanks for your time
Dr. Kanjilal
917 981 9419

Dr. Debasis Kanjilal, - 07-01-’16 16:29
Dr. Debasis Kanjilal

Low Oxygen Levels Soon After Birth May Raise Learning and Behavioral Disorder Risks


Perinatal chronic hypoxia induces cortical inflammation, hypomyelination, and peripheral myelin-specific T cell autoreactivity

Editorial: White blood cells matter in neonatal white-matter injury

Dr. Debasis Kanjilal, - 07-01-’16 16:31
Dr. Debasis Kanjilal

90% newborn babies cry at birth and become pink within 1 minute of life.
Why we deliberately make the remaining 10% newborn babies suffer?

We can save millions of children lives, prevent subtle/overt brain damages, prevent disabilities and make them “productive and happy citizens of this World” if we simply provide oxygen in the first 10 minutes of their lives those who need because they are blue (cyanosis) at birth.
How can we refuse to give oxygen when a baby is blue and we have oxygen available in front of us?
Why are we challenging their ability to breathe on their own when they have respiratory distress and gasping for oxygen?
These NRP/ILCOR/ANZCOR Researchers/Doctors are harming our children and our society.
We as a “Human being” are utterly responsible to STOP this now and prevent further damages.

On Oct/15/2015 I was able to save newborn babies with MAS (Meconium Aspiration Syndrome) by myself and “ Oct, 2015” should be written in the history book “Month and Year” for MAS babies.

2016 should be written in the history “The year of Pink Babies”.

I promise that I am not going to STOP until “blue (cyanosis)” babies get “OXYGEN” in the delivery room at birth and I will do whatever is necessary to make that happen.

I need your HELP and I need it NOW.
Thanks for your time
Dr. Kanjilal
917 981 9419

Dr. Debasis Kanjilal, - 07-01-’16 16:32
Dr. Debasis Kanjilal

Please read the following articles:
World Health Statistics reports on global health goals for 194 countries


The top killers of children aged less than 5 years are now: preterm birth complications, pneumonia, birth asphyxia and diarrhoea.

1) Perinatal Asphyxia in Swedish Medical Center:
Asphyxia can be fatal. Brain cells can begin dying within as little as 5 minutes without oxygen. The disease can also cause long-term damage, including intellectual disability, delayed development, seizures, and cerebral palsy.

2) Clinical profile and outcome of perinatal asphyxia in a tertiary care centre


Dr. Debasis Kanjilal, - 07-01-’16 16:33
Dr. Debasis Kanjilal

3) Early neonatal deaths with perinatal asphyxia in very low birth weight Brazilian infants (less than 1500 g birth weight)



Logo of npgopen
Pediatric Research
Pediatr Res. 2013 Dec; 74(Suppl 1): 50–72.
Published online 2013 Dec 20. doi: 10.1038/pr.2013.206
PMCID: PMC3873711
Intrapartum-related neonatal encephalopathy incidence and impairment at regional and global levels for 2010 with trends from 1990

Dr. Debasis Kanjilal, - 07-01-’16 16:34
Dr. Debasis Kanjilal

PMC full text:
Pediatr Res. 2013 Dec; 74(Suppl 1): 50–72.
Published online 2013 Dec 20. doi: 10.1038/pr.2013.206
Copyright/License ►Request permission to reuse
Figure 11
An external file that holds a picture, illustration, etc.
Object name is pr2013206f11.jpg
Summary of deaths and disability outcomes that are intrapartum related based on 125 million births worldwide in 2010. Sources: intrapartum stillbirth estimate (8), neonatal deaths (6). Neonatal encephalopathy (NE) cases, mortality, and impairment outcomes are derived from the estimation process described in this article.

Dr. Debasis Kanjilal, - 07-01-’16 16:36
Dr. Debasis Kanjilal

Table 6:
Number of NE incident cases, neonatal deaths, impaired survivors, YLDs, YLLs, and total DALYs by collapsed GBD regions (rounded to nearest thousand)
An external file that holds a picture, illustration, etc.
Object name is pr2013206t6.jpg

Dr. Debasis Kanjilal, - 07-01-’16 16:37
Dr. Debasis Kanjilal





Dr. Debasis Kanjilal, - 07-01-’16 16:38
Dr. Debasis Kanjilal


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Baby got brain damage following your protocol in MAS




to lifesupport, me

Dear Sir,

I am Dr. Kanjilal. I have been actively doing Neonatology for the last last 31 years. I work in Elmhurst Hospital/Mount Sinai Medical Center over 20 years.

I wrote 22 Medical Books in USA to help candidates passing the Board Examination.

I was on of the top 30 influential people in Time Magazine in 2001.

Previously, I wrote an e mail to you that your thick MAS (Meconium aspiration syndrome) protocol that required repeated intubations are causing more damage to newborns due to hypoxia during that period of time. Repeated intubations are futile. But you never responded to my e mail.

Yesterday, while teaching residents I came to know that one baby with MAS got severe brain damage following your protocol in another institution. I am quite confident that is happening in USA and all over the World but people are not reporting to you and are talking about it.

Now, I don’t understand why you cannot change your protocol and prevent hypoxic injuries that are causing brain damages to newborns.

Please change the policy ASAP.

Please take this matter very seriously and take this matter very high level.

Otherwise, I will report to National TV Media and will seek for justice.

I am pretty sure that you want to avoid that by all means.

I cannot and I will not tolerate Human sufferings, specially Newborn babies.

Dr. Kanjilal
917 981 9419

Dr. Debasis Kanjilal, - 07-01-’16 17:05
Dr. Debasis Kanjilal

Meconium aspiration syndrome (MAS) is a life threatening respiratory disorder in infants born through meconium-stained amniotic fluid (MSAF). Its obstetric and perinatal management has been changing for over 35 years. In pregnancies complicated by MSAF, suction of the hypopharynx before the delivery of the infant’s shoulders and postnatal suction of vigorous infants have been used in an effort to clear the airway and decrease the incidence and the severity of the disease. Based on the results of two large RCTs, international guidelines from scientific societies for intrapartum and postpartum management of pregnancies with MSAF have radically changed. Intrapartum suction and postnatal intubation and suction of vigorous infants are not longer recommended. For depressed infants there are no randomized trials to support or to refute this practice. Other non recommended manoeuvres such as thorax compression and gastric lavage are still sometimes performed. The adherence to norms and recommendations is not uniform. Neonatologists should make efforts to get the new evidence more quickly move to evidence-based clinical practice.


Meconium-stained amniotic fluid, Meconium aspiration, Infant, Intrapartum suction, Intubation



to lifesupport

Dear Sir,

The only literature I’ve found is this, which says that there is no evidence, even in non-vigorous infants that intubation helps.


Poulin, Rachel

AttachmentsJan 6


Dear Dr Kanjilal,

Many thanks for your letter. Your message was forwarded to members of the NRP Steering Committee for their review, and please see attached for their response. If there is anything else I can provide, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail or telephone at 800/433-9016, x7659.


Rachel Poulin, MPH
Manager, Neonatal Resuscitation Program
American Academy of Pediatrics
Ph: 800/433-9016 ×7659
E-Mail: rpoulin@aap.org

Dr. Debasis Kanjilal, - 07-01-’16 17:07
Dr. Debasis Kanjilal

From: DEBASIS KANJILAL [mailto:kanjilal@msn.com]
Sent: Friday, December 05, 2014 8:08 AM
To: Life Support
Cc: debasiskanjilal@gmail.com
Subject: Baby got brain damage following your protocol in MAS

Attachments area
Preview attachment Dr Kanjilal Response 1-6-2015.pdf

Dr Kanjilal Response 1-6-2015.pdf

Dr. Debasis Kanjilal, - 07-01-’16 17:10
Dr. Debasis Kanjilal

1) My first e mail they never responded that was sometime in Oct 2014. I did not tell them that I would notify the media. That e mail was similar to the one I wrote on 12/5/2015 that they responded.

2) My 2nd e mail on 12/5/2014: I told them that I am going to notify the media unless you change your dangerous recommendations causing brain damages and deaths in MAS newborn babies all over the World.

3) On Jan 6th 2015 NRP replied to me: There is no evidence what I said, my report was anecdotal., everything was OK. They are not going to change.

4) On Oct 15th, 2015 NRP sent an emergency e mail to all over the World and they accepted my recommendation. But they never sent me a separate e mail. They wanted to hide their mistake. I understand that.

5) The serious problem is that they have been doing another more serious mistake that they are not accepting now. Since 2006, they are recommending to keep the newborn babies blue for the first 10 minutes of their lives that is affecting 12.8 millions children every year all over

the World (10% ot total 128 millions babies are born every year).

Seriously, I am not stopping until NRP/ILCOR give oxygen to all blue babies in the delivery room.
This is highly unethical and illegal that parents are not aware that their blue babies are not getting oxygen. They did not sign sign any consent form.
I need your HELP.

Thanks for your time

Dr. Debasis Kanjilal, - 07-01-’16 17:13
Dr. Debasis Kanjilal

I stood first in the 11 th grade (Valedictorian in the class).
Among many awards I received the most memorable was “ Best Moral Character Award” that was the Award “ dedicated to our Head Master’‘s mother’s name that I never expected.

At age 12, orthodox Hindu ( I am Hindu Brahmin) party leaders came to us and tought us how to beat Muslims.
I hated that idea to beat Muslims. Muslims were very nice people and very peaceful. But I was only 12. What can I do to get rid off those orthodox Hindus?
One day I urinated in their idol and finally they left.with disgust.

At the age of 16, I became National Scholar that I never expected.
I got into Medical School that I wanted.

After I finished Medical School, I became Intern.
I wanted become Surgeon. I did not like Medicine and I did not like Pediatrics.
Everything was fine I will do surgery, no problem.

While I was Intern, one day our Surgical Department boss Dr. Mukherjee asked a Medical Student to present a case (patient).
In front of everybody (about 20 students and Doctors) in bed side, I told him that his diagnosis (liver cancer) was wrong and I told my diagnosis (retroperitoneal cancer mass).
At that time we had no sonogram in our hospital.
Laparotomy was performed next day. Both of us in the operating room. That was my last day of surgical rotation.
I was right and my boss was wrong.
He threw the gloves and left the OR without finishing the surgery.
Not only that he refused to sign my “ completion of rotation”.

Unfortunately if I did surgery I had to do under him.

So I decided to do ENT
My boss was famous in India. He was the Editor of Indian ENT journal. I was the Chief resident.
A famous pharmaceutical company assigned me to do Research under him and I did.
The medicine was not effective.
When I told that news to my boss and pharmaceutical chief. They did not like it at all.
They want me publish that medicine was effective.
But I refused and resigned.

I came to USA in 1981.
For the last 34 years, still looking justice for patients and for Human beings and for our fellow mute caring physicians.

Thanks for your time.

Dr. Debasis Kanjilal, - 08-01-’16 04:48
Dr. Debasis Kanjilal

Dear Sir,




Thanks for your time
Dr. Kanjilal
917 981 9419

Dr. Debasis Kanjilal, - 08-01-’16 05:20
Dr. Debasis Kanjilal

Dear Sir,
These are the real stories (blog from March of Dimes) of several hundreds Newborn babies deaths all over the World from MAS (Meconium Aspiration Syndrome) due to dangerous recommendations of not giving oxygen at birth by NRP/ILCOR/ANZCOR committees.
They were recommending tracheal suctioning first to remove meconium from the trachea before giving oxygen to babies who were blue (cyanosis), limp and not breathing at all.

I was able to change that recommendations on Oct 15, 2015.

MAS (Meconium Aspiration Syndrome ) newborn babies deaths and sufferings and life long
excruciating pains and sufferings of their Mothers and their heart breaking real stories.
(March of Dimes blog)


NRP/ILCOR/ANZCOR committee members are still recommending not to give oxygen for blue (cyanosis) babies for the first 10 minutes of their lives resulting in brain damages and deaths millions of children all over the World since 2006 and still continuing

I am peacefully protesting and fighting with my pen just to give oxygen to newborn babies those are blue (cyanosis) at birth in the first 10 minutes of their lives.


Thanks for your time
Dr. Kanjilal
917 981 9419

Dr. Debasis Kanjilal, - 12-01-’16 05:38

Hello dr kanjilal
How can i get your last edition of the great book pediatric board certification as pdf ?

Dr.sofian, - 23-01-’20 14:37
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